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Trees of Trail Canyon is a 100% solar powered farm,

and has an active carbon storage/sequestration program in place,

as we continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

Visitors to our Ranch are Welcome, however, we ask that you call in advance to make an appointment,

as we are often offsite delivering stock to customers or tending to our Trees in remote areas.

The Nursery

Trees of Trail Canyon specializes in uncommon and unique species of trees and shrubs in larger caliper sizes. We are a certified Japanese Beetle free nursery and propagate and grow superior genetic plant material that thrives in the middle Rocky Mountain region.


Our growing methods concentrate on producing fibrous, well-branched root systems which transplant and establish quickly in the landscape, verified through the use of an air spade which exposes the roots without wounding and allowing for any required pruning. Special attention is given to the trees' preparation for transplanting, which is the perfect blend of horticulture and arboriculture.

We maintain frequent and meticulous pruning routines, combined with the latest science and sensitive aesthetics, which produce our great trunks and branches. Drip irrigation and mulch ground cover encourage fibrous root growth closer to the trunk which is beneficial for the harvest and transplant stage.

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